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Professional Aerial Photography
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The industry leader in UAV technology, production capabilities and safety.

We are fully invested in our equipment and pilots. Drone On’s fleet incorporates state of the art technology with in-house proprietary add-ons for improved stability and picture quality. As well, our pilots are CCUVS and ROC-A certified with over 1,000  drone operating hours to ensure we get that perfect, complex shot only Drone On can guarantee.

Live Events

Hire Drone On to capture the full essence and spirit of your next event. We are the only company to offer aerial live-streaming services, popular at music festivals and sporting events, from the sky and ground. More so, aerial overview shots enable the level of exposure large sponsors demand and drive millions of online views.

Real Estate

We offer a range of services for commercial and residential real estate. Looking for marketing material? Updates on current projects ranging up to 50 stories high? Or maybe a promotional video with a professional walkthrough and aerial overview? There are many ways for us to help!

Film Production

Drone On's rates and flexible contract arrangements allow for productions with a range of budgets the opportunity to include unique content captured by UAVs. With the best UAV applications and most capable pilots in the industry, our clients dream big and Drone On always delivers. Invite us out for a free, live demonstration.

Recent Works

Cottage Fun

Drone On went cottage hopping this summer. Check out some of the highlights including cliff jumps and water skiing.

Mountain Roads

Watch a car, motorcycle and fleet of bikes conquer an aggressively sharp turn out in the mountains in one, fluid shot.

Real Estate Walkthrough

Drone On supports the sale of high value or difficult to reach properties; check out our cottage demo.

G12 Gimbal

It's our brand new G12 gimbal, easy to use for stable moving shots, replacing jibs, dollies and steady cams.

Why Drone On?

At Drone On, we pride ourselves on maintaining the best available UAV technology with the most skilled pilots in the industry. Ongoing updates, flight training and newly added services allow us to maintain our position as one of the leading aerial production companies in North America.

  • Safe, reliable and perfectly smooth 4K high definition picture and video with no post stabilization required
  • Pilots trained to capture hard to get low altitude shots with complex movements
  • Footage review and route planning available live from the ground station
  • A fraction of the cost of an aerial crew with faster set up times