General UAV Questions

Weather does affect our ability to fly safely. We cannot fly in the rain or below 0 degrees Celsius. As well, wind-speed is a factor depending on your requirements with the drone. Drone On takes every safety precaution available and we have a flawless track record. For specific questions about our weather conditions, send us an email at

Yes, flying indoors is often safer and results in incredible footage.

We can our drones at 1000 ft (~300 metres) for safety reasons. As for speed, it depends on weather conditions but on a clear day, we can reach up to 60 km/h.

Yes, every flight requires an SFOC (Special Flight Operating Certificate) from Transport Canada. We submit all the paperwork and have the necessary qualifications.

Not when we’re around! Drone On has a perfect track record in terms of safety and UAV reliability. We perform ongoing maintenance to the equipment, a safety assessment prior to each flight and have all of our pilots certified. UAVs can be dangerous however Drone On takes every precaution available to ensure the safety and security of those around us.

Yes except for the United States which has not yet amended its commercial UAV laws. Once they do, you know we’ll be there too!
Yes, we are insured to fly commercially all over the world (except the US as it is currently illegal to commercially operate UAVs).

Business Related Questions

Our rates start at $150 per hour however reductions are available based on duration and location.
Our services typically start with a brief phone call or in-person meeting to determine the scope and requirements of your project. Within 24 hours, we can provide you with a price that will include UAV, ground station and battery recharging station set-up, safety assessments, insurance, Transport Canada approval (SFOC submission) as well as raw footage. Transport Canada approval often takes up to 20 business days – please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling.
We accept most forms of payment including cheques and all major credit cards. Cheques should be made out to 'Drone On'. Payment terms are arranged on a contract to contract basis.
Definitely! Check out the Drone On Online Shop and sign up for the GTA Drone club to learn how to fly, assemble and maintain your own UAV.
Drone On is expanding quickly! For full time positions, if you have a technical background, consider yourself to be an RC enthusiast or are interested in going through our pilot program, please inquire within. As for investors, we are currently well financed but open to discussing strategic partnerships.



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