Drone On is driven by a passion to safely push the limits of UAV production. We focus on developing the most capable drone applications paired with world class UAV pilots in order to arm our partners with a versatile, innovative and reliable tool. How? It’s a combination of the passion of our three partners, Aaron, Vlad and Tyler.

Aaron and Vlad met at Ryerson’s Masters in Media Production program where Aaron’s vision for the next step in aerial photography merged with Vlad’s RC hobbyist background. Together, with big dreams ahead, Drone On was founded. Today Aaron leads as the face of Drone On while Vlad researches, tests and develops new applications for our partners. Tyler, a business school graduate and past management consultant joined later to add some organization and long term strategic direction to the team.

Today we operate as partners to continue to bring you safe, reliable and advanced UAV production capabilities.

Stay tuned to see what Vlad’s brewing up in the Drone On lab and Aaron’s newest, never before capable, maneuver with the drone.

Meet the Team

Aaron Spiro Chief Executive Officer

My goal is to aid in the proliferation of the civil, commercial, and (most importantly) humanitarian use of UAVs, both in North America and around the globe. The use of macro and micro sized remotely piloted aviation systems will gradually become an integral part of every aspect of human civilization, and I intend to pioneer as many positive applications for them as possible.

Tyler Sharpe Chief Financial Officer

My business background gives me a very practical view of drones and how they’ll affect us going forward. UAV and gimbal technology has created a paradigm shift in the production industry and new applications are being developed every day - it’s really exciting to be involved in such a fast paced, interesting and let’s be honest, fun, industry!

Vlad Cazan Chief Technical Officer

I have been building drones for the past 3 years where I have gained a great deal of knowlege about these aircraft. My responsiblities include assembling and testing new drones as well as upgrading and maintaing our fleet.