Defy G12 Rentals


The Defy G12 is a powerful and robust brushless gimbal system, letting you pull off shots that otherwise may require hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, and a substantial crew. In other words, you can capture incredibly compelling motion scenes with just a single camera operator. Furthermore, the G12 has the option of being controlled remotely, allowing for a 2 man operational system.

The DEFY G12 is comprised of lightweight carbon fiber tubes and high quality aluminum components. Our unique and clean design, eliminates clutter from wiring. Easy to adjust thumb screws make it easy to hand tighten, adjust, and lock in place with no tools required. Unique to the industry, our roll arm utilizes a double locking clamp, ensuring heavy payloads don’t move or shift during use. The G12 is scalable, meaning it can quickly adapt to various cameras and lenses during a shoot. Quick release plate makes it easy to move from the G12 and go straight to tripod or other mounts.

The DEFY G12 features a full 3-axis control with three modes of operation: Slow Pan, Fast Pan, and Accessory Control.

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