Live Events

High overview and low action shots

Aerial and ground livestreaming with online hosting

Common for special events, music festivals, live sports etc.

Real Estate

Commercial: Aerial video and photo for marketing material or development surveys

Residential: Professional walk through of for lease/sale properties with overview aerial shots


Low and high altitude aerial shots

Highly versatile service offering, smooth motion shots possible today only with the use of UAVs and skilled pilots

Aerial Photography and Videography

Low aerial, high overview and live action raw footage in 1080p or 4K

Aerial Camera and Lens Options

Versatile UAV equipment allows for the use of in house camera/lens or personal property

Post Production Editing

Work directly with a team of incredible, highly capable video editors

Gimbal and Ground Production

Stable, portable ground production with any size camera

Portable Viewing Station

See what the UAV captures live from the ground

Remote Recharging Station

Always have extra batteries and a remote charger for longer shoots

Aerial, Ground and Remote Livestreaming

Broadcast live content including festivals, community or special events

Remote Shooting Capabilities

Drone On is insured to operate commercially around the world

SFOC Development

Plenty of experience writing and submitting SFOCs to Transport Canada